StripAll Antique Sales & Refinishing

StripAll Antique Sales & Refinishing
RR#1 Long Sault Ontario, K0C 1P0 Canada
1-613-534-8494 or email StripAll Antique Sales & Refinishing

Company Information

DoorWay.jpg - 9119 Bytes    Welcome to the BEST FREE info site on the net. This site is an on going project, built for the average person who wants to save a few bucks. We don't have miles of techno garble just useful information for your stripping & repairs & refinishing needs. Welcome and may all your stripping needs be fulfilled.

   The advantages of stripping an old piece of furniture is, first of all the quality of workmanship is far superior compared to the new fast pace construction. Back then furniture was built by craftsmen, masters of carpentry, cabinets were built by generations of cabinet builders, all passing down their skills. In the second place materials back then came from Virgin forest with a much tighter wood grain. Todays woods come from Mans super grown forest resulting in wood with less density and fake wood, particle board, tons of glue.

   If you are lucky enough to find a solid wooden piece of furniture that was built back in the good old days when wood was wood strip it and use it forever.

StripAll is owned and operated by Brian & Brenda McLaughlin
We do all the work ourselves giving the business "The Mama&Pappa Appeal"
Our hands on approach makes furniture stripping fun & feasible for everyone
Everyone can experience hands on stripping with our approach its easy
Over 20 years experience in turning junk into re-useable and beautiful furniture
Our Goal is to get people involved in refinishing rather than buying new
Save a tree refinish that old piece, it will reward you with many years of beauty
Our Web site is devoted to helping you do it for yourself
StripAll would be pleased to give an estimate or advice its all free email us    n03.jpg - 2201 Bytes

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