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                          A super Hint                                             Filling Holes In mouldings
For staining small items, make your own stain                Heres my recipe for filling up those little
from several rusty nails in a jar of white vinegar.            holes in baseboard & mouldings. Mix a
Cover the jar and let it sit for three days. If the             dab of matching paint with enough corn
colour isnt dark enough, add more rusty nails.              starch to make a thick paste. When filler
nails. Use on natural woods as you would any             dries, you can hardly see the patch.
stain.                                                                          When dried its finished

                          Holes in the wall                                             Stuck Stamps
Deep, ugly looking nail holes in your plaster                Unused stamps that are stuck together
wall can be filled by mixing a little talcum                     will seperate easily if put in the freezer
powder with a few drops of water, force mixture        compartment of your refrigerator. After
into the holes smoothing it off with your fingers            an hour or two, pull them apart gently,
around the edges.                                                       you will find the mucilage intact.

Match Scratches                            Steel Fittings                            Loose Casters

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Hardened Glue                                     Soiled Blinds                           Scratched Glass

Usefull Handle                                     Lamp Shades                           Cracked Dishes

Brass Cleaner                                Fresh Cushions                     Unpleasant Smells

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