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Real Milk Paint FAQ pg 2

13. I assume since these are non-toxic, they are safe for children to use and would that be once they have been mixed or can elementary children mix these paints?
Yes our paints are non-toxic and environmently safe, however they do contain calcium hydroxide (lime). Lime is also in cement and tums, yes the stuff for upset stomachs. Lime can burn the skin and eyes, but we have never had a problem with it. At some of our shows we allow children to paint their own baskets, Child safe or not we leave the final judgement up to the purchaser.

14. Hello, we are wanting to repaint an interior room over an existing off-white base latex paint. We are looking for a translucent, subtle wash effect. We are concerned that if we thin the milk paint excessively we will dilute the binder and the project will fail. Can you advise us how to achieve varying levels of translucency?
There are a couple of options that come to mind (1) add less pigment to the milk paint base then apply as usual. (2) apply full strength, then use a damp sponge to wipe back through the paint to the desired effect, milk paint can be worked for some time, (3) you may also try appling the paint with a damp sponge. Try experimenting on some cardboard first.

15. Im looking for navy blue milk paint do you have that colour?
We have ultra marine blue, it is a very intense dark blue almost purple. All of our colours may be intermixed to create custom colours, add white to lighten and black to darken a colour.

16. I want to use milk paint to cover a wicker bassinet that I am weaving. Because of my concerns for the saftey of any babies in the bassinet, is this milk paint safe for use with children and pets?
Yes our milk paint is non-toxic and child safe.

17.I remember my grandmother making milk paint, and I am looking for a non-toxic way to paint my walls. I personally have never used milk paints and would like to try them. I was wondering if you can mix the powder together to achieve other colours or add white to lighten the colour. My husband is a flooring contractor and lots of people are wanting to have hardwood floors dyed. Will the colour pigments work for that and also will they be harder to sand out if the owner wants a colour change?
All of the powder colours can be intermixed to create any colour you desire. The powder colour (pigment) will not stick to anything by themselves, they need a binder added to them. The milk paint base is such a binder, also shellac, varnish, laquer can also be used as a binder. Milk paint base is white so you would add as much pigment as you wanted to get a pascal colour. We offer 27 colours of pigments but we prepackage the milk paint in 13 colours. From those 13 colours just about any colour can be created. Pigments are not stains, they will not disolve in any solvent. They will stay suspended in a binder and lay on the top. Pigments can be used on a floor but would make an opaque finish more like paint.

18. I have a question about water spots?
Thanks for your inquiry about Real milk paint. Regarding water spots, our milk paint after drying 2 to 4 hours is dry to the touch but still requires 2 to 4 weeks curing time to fully cure. In between you can give the paint a coat of paste wax, which will offer protection, but stills allows the paint to cure.

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